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Crochet Braids & Braiding Hair: everything you need to know

For years, crochet braids and braiding hair have been a go-to style for many trying to create a new look or transition out of their relaxer or current hairstyling method. Quick and easy, crocheting is a weaving process that doesn’t require much manipulation of your natural hair other than braiding. At Afro LoLo we sell a wide arrange of beautiful crochet braids and hair products.

What are Crochet braids?

Crochet braiding, sometimes referred to as latch hook braiding, is a method of hair styling that’s typically used to create length or simply protect one’s natural hair. The style is held together by a base of cornrowed hair to which hair extensions are then attached. Crochet is the technique used where you take a crochet sewing hook and attach either a pre-looped hair extension or bulk hair extension onto the hook of the crochet tool. This method allows you to achieve this style in a fraction of the time it would take for traditional braids.

The Benefits of Crochet Braids & Braiding Hair

Crochet braids are typically easy to maintain and provide a great way to protect your hair from excessive styling and heat damage. This method could prove to be especially helpful to those transitioning out of their relaxers. The crochet braids of Afro LoLo are quick to install, easy to manage, and generally inexpensive. This holds particularly true when comparing them to human hair extensions. Our braids are breathable and leave your scalp accessible for

Popular Types of Crochet Braids & Braiding Hair

Crochet styles are great protective option for all hair textures and lengths. This includes relaxed, natural, pressed, and transitioning hair. Transitioners, especially, may appreciate crochet looks since they give you a break from handling two different textures as the hair grows. It can also give relaxed women an idea of how they’d look with natural hair if that’s an eventual goal.

One of the reasons crochet braids are so popular is due to the relative ease of installation. It’s also an inexpensive styling option because it requires fewer packs of hair than box braids. Still, be prepared to spend several hours creating this look.

There are lots of different options for types of crochet braids, including:

We sell our products in different colors, length weight and tones, for example one, two of three tones.

How to apply crochet braids & braiding hair at home?

To get the most out of your crochet braids it’s important to start out with clean, dry hair that is tangle-free. For the installation of your crochet braids you can follow the next steps:

Step 1
Part the hairline vertically to the nape area (back of your head). After that begin to cornrow or twist each section and secure it with a small rubber band or hairpin at the ends. To keep your strands moisturized and protected throughout the process we recommend to use a light oil.

Step 2
Once all the cornrows are done, you can begin adding the crochet extensions. You can start this by taking your crochet hook, loop the extension and place it through the braid, then pull down. After this split the hair to the size of the braid or curl you desire. To secure the curl and braid take a half of the piece of the curl extension and tie a knot. Repeat the entire length of each cornrow.

Our braiding hair products are non-toxic and ready to wear, making it quick and easy for both newbies and experts to install.

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