Synthetic wigs body wave  that you can enjoy without spending a lot of money! There are many colours of T-Lace Wigs available to order

-high temperature resistant synthetic

-natural and comfortable cap

-soft/elastic net, Comfortable for skin

-combs on both sides to firm a cap

-soft velvet nape

-190g weight


Top Level Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair Fiber

How to wash ?

  1. *before wash smooth the hair by hand
  2. *soak into warm water (40c) and gently  wash the hair by hand with diluted proper shampoo
  3. *gently rinse along the direction of the hair curvature with water till clean
  4. *press gently with dry towel
  5. *put a wig on the wig stand and leave the hair air dry . Avoiding the direct sunlight



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