Crochet hair Water wave pink-ombre 300g


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Crochet hair water wave pink-ombre

60cm length very natural curls, high temperature synthetic that is easy to install.
Crochet hair water wave is Easy to wash and care just using a mild shampoo.

it is recommended to separate the moistened strands with water or a spray conditioner in order to minimize the formation of cobwebs between the strands.

if the hair is to be kept in good condition, it is best to separate the curls and cut the hairs that hold them together at least once a week.

Water wave hair has 300g and is enough to fill one head with a small volume.
For larger volumes, we recommend 2 packs of hair

crochet hair water wave pink-ombre intended for crochet braiding

other colour

Water wave light pink

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afro LoLo deals with the afro curls application and training. I work with hair that you can buy here in the store and photo galleries can be viewed on the FB website. Afro lolo is a braider in the Netherlands who offers curl applications, curl application training and hair sales with which I personally work


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